Randomness of Sinus Pressure

The Regimen

There is nothing quite like a sinus cold to bring random, nonsensical thoughts.  It’s a bit like having my thought sorter broken—that amazing, built-in device that only brings the poignant or relevant thoughts from the subspace of the mind to the forefront.  I’m convinced it’s the intense pressure that causes the thought sorter overload, creating a clog that prevents any ability to connect the thoughts I really need.

The following is the same paragraph as above, but the words are out of sequence and without punctuation:

thoughts like ability a cold connect random nonsensical creating thoughts It’s a bit like my thought sorter need prevents broken is that lovely that quite only the poignant or from the nothing subspace of your again mind to the to bring forefront Then brings there maybe overload it’s the intense device pressure that sinus causes relevant a thought sorter a clog in having thinking that any to the thoughts I really

Not completely sure how I managed to form the first paragraph, but I must have, since no one else has been in the room (except the dog—great retriever, not much of a writer).

Truly random.

In the delirium that can barely produce responsive sentences when the phone rings, comes the list of things I’ve put off doing for years, books I once read, things I wish I’d said, and daydreams about what I’d be doing if I felt like brushing my teeth and being seen in public.  The sound of the TV just intensifies the pounding in my head, reading a book is fruitless as I re-read countless paragraphs, the information on a computer screen is overwhelming—leaving me to percolate in the flitting thoughts and images traversing my synapse.

All the while, trying to figure out how I got here and how to avoid ever feeling this way again.  Ah, health.  You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.


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